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Welcome to Cynful Kitchen! Selamat Datang!

My cooking journey began by observing my mother and my late grandma working in their kitchens. They rarely measured — especially my grandmother, but her cakes would turn out perfect and her dishes were always decadent. When I try to learn cooking from my mom, I tend to slow her down as her measurements are usually “agak-agak“.

Made With Love

I have been writing about food since August 2010. My then-boyfriend (now husband) would always be so patient with so many late dinners with my food research and ambitious recipe trials.

Then, when I started my journey in 2011 to become a Certified Management Accountant (CMA — now CPA, CMA) in 2014, pragmatism in the kitchen has had a reality check! At some point, we had to stop playing recipe roulette and use up ingredients from our kitchen pantry. Truth is, grocery shopping requires a realistic check of “How much time have I got to cook this week? How many portions would this make? What’s in season right now?”

Tidbits about Cynthia
Comfort food would be many dishes from my hometown(s) in Brunei, which includes Kolo Mee, Satay, and Roti (Martabak), just to name a few. My kitchen is located in Edmonton. My primary focus would be writing on Canadian, Southeast Asian and German food. I also have got a strong interest in pastries, especially baking and cake decorating. Recently a first time mother, I am working to simplify recipes to feed the family.

If you’d like to send me messages or request for collaboration, I can be reached at cynthia@cynfulkitchen.ca.

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