19 ice cream recipes

19 Ice Cream Recipes to Cool Down This Summer

Are you ready for National Ice Cream Day? Here are 19 homemade ice cream recipes to make for July 19, 2020. Here are churn, no-churn and popsicle recipes. Click this link to pin!

Churn Ice Cream Recipes

You will need an ice cream maker for these recipes.

Churn Ice Cream With Eggs

1. Let’s start with Chef Heidi Fink’s Frozen Yogurt. A versatile fruity yogurt ice cream with an egg custard base.
Frozen Yogurt

2. Here is another ice cream recipe that uses eggs: Cynful Kitchen’s Mango Ice Cream. It is made using French classic method. It is smooth and fruity. Corn syrup is also used as a stabilizer. Other fruit substitutions are provided.
Mango Ice Cream Cake

3. Michelle Peter-Jones from the Tiffin Blog steeps tea and spices to create Indian Sweets Chai Ice Cream. This recipe uses egg yolks, which is also the classic French method of making ice cream.
Indian Sweets Chai Ice Cream

4. Opposite of tea is coffee! Kait from Slumber And Scones uses a simple brewing technique to make Rich and Creamy Coffee Ice Cream. This recipe is also a custard based ice cream recipe.
Coffee Ice Cream

Churn Ice Cream with No Eggs

5. Redawna’s (Nutmeg Disrupted) Roasted Strawberry Ice Cream. Have you roasted strawberries? This keto-friendly ice cream is also sugar free.
Roasted Strawberry Ice Cream

6. While we are talking about strawberries, Sean from Diversore has a unique combination of basil and goat cheese in strawberry ice cream.
Diversivore Strawberry Basil and Goat Cheese Ice Cream

7. Bernice Hill from Dish ‘N the Kitchen recreated the Italian cannoli into an ice cream!
Cannoli Ice Cream

8. Marie Porter from Celebration Generation comes up with this inventive and colourful 3 flavour ice cream called Moon Mist Ice Cream, using Banana Cream, Bubblegum and Grape LorAnn Flavour Oils.
Moon Mist Ice Cream

9. Isabelle Boucher from Crumb Blog creates a raspberry ripple buttermilk gelato. According to Isabelle, gelato has a higher milk ratio than ice cream and she uses cornstarch as a thickener.
Raspberry ripple buttermilk gelato

10. Do you love cherries? Colleen from the Food Blog’s Cherry Amaretto Ice Cream is easy to make!
Cherry Amaretto Ice Cream

No Churn Ice Cream Recipes

No ice cream maker? No problem! Try these 9 no churn ice cream recipes.

11. Can’t have dairy but want ice cream? Try Marieke from the Vegan Harvest’s no-churn vegan coffee ice cream with chocolate and peanut butter. It is based on the viral Dalgona coffee.
Dalgona Vegan Coffee Ice Cream

12. Jo And Sue ‘s Saskatoon Ice Cream. Saskatoon berry season will be upon us soon. According to Jo and Sue, Saskatoon berry ice cream is delicious when served with a vanilla cake.
saskatoon ice cream

13. Loretto and Nicoletta from Sugar Loves Spices has this delectable spice infused no churn ice cream, using condensed milk. Turmeric Ginger Honey No Churn Ice Cream!
Turmeric Ginger Honey No Churn Ice Cream

14. Jolina from The Unlikely Baker gives a refreshing floral take on ice cream: Blackberry Lavender Ice Cream.
Blackberry lavender Ice Cream

15. Here is another blackberry ice cream recipe, which uses only 4 ingredients. Carolyn from the Wine Lover’s Kitchen provides lots of possibilities for what your 4th ingredient could be: nuts, candies or fruits.
Blackcherry Ice Cream

16. Nancy from Nomms provides a Vitamix Hojicha Ice Cream recipe for a no churn option. This recipe uses hojicha powder instead of steeping the tea leaves.
Hojicha Ice Cream

17. A vegetable in ice cream? You bet! Terri Gilson from Food Meandering’s award winning Potato ice cream is also nutritious for you.
Potato Ice Cream

18. Love mint chocolate chip ice cream? Try this no-churn mint chocolate chip ice cream recipe from Stacie on SimplyStacie.Net.
Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

19. No churn ice cream recipes also include popsicles! Vanessa from Maple and Mango combines watermelon and strawberries into delicious and healthy popsicles.
Watermelon Strawberry Popsicles

Did I say 19? Let me throw in a bonus one! (I love even numbers)
A no-churn ice cream that looks like Mars with Mars bar, of course. Evelyne from CulturEatz’s Mars Ice Cream.
Mars Ice Cream

Which ice cream recipe will you try this summer? Comment below.

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  1. Oh my goodness, these all look amazing! I love the no churn options. Even though I have a ice cream maker, I’m lazy about using it sometimes?

  2. So many delicious ideas here! Now I just need to decide which one to make first?. I feel honoured to have my popsicles mentioned – Thanks!

  3. Oh so yummy! I’ve been loving the no churn but now I’m thinking of investing in an ice cream maker. Thanks for this delicious collection of recipes!

  4. I’m going to need a dartboard labeled with all of these varieties so that I can make a decision about where to start! Wonderful collection, and I love how diverse the options are. Thanks for including my recipe too!

  5. Ice cream is one of my favourite things to make and eat! This is a great list to keep us going through the hot summer weather.

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