Cream of Mushroom Soup

Adieu and farewell, Campbell mushroom soup! Home-made mushroom soup has very minute amounts of sodium. The amount of sodium depends on your broth. Of course, you could substitute the chicken broth for vegetarian broth. (Disclaimer: I haven’t tried that yet, but it’s what I would do if I had vegetarian guests.)

Grandma’s Touch is an amazing cookbook. Instructions are easy to follow; ingredients are easily accessible. Its Cream of Mushroom soup recipe is a keeper. Recipe doubles well; you can freeze unused portions for cooking; etc. Fortunately, I had the privilege of making this soup twice this week! A girlfriend tasted it at lunch today; let’s just say we ended up making it in her kitchen later in the evening. So, it’s double-tested. During the first time I made it, I crushed the bay leaf eagerly in my mortar, as instructed, but you can’t really munch on dried bay leaf. My main food critic (aka boyfriend) told me to take it out when done, next time.

CREAM OF MUSHROOM SOUP (yields 6 cups)

Easy recipe ready in 20 minutes: Cream of Mushroom Soup (from scratch!)

Change it up: use different variety of mushrooms. Crimini and prairie mushrooms are used for this recipe. Any mushrooms would work.

1 lb.      mushrooms (500 g)
2 tbsp. butter        (30 mL)
4 cups  chicken broth (1 L) (Approximately almost one carton of Campbell’s chicken broth — if you choose to take a shortcut)
1 cup       finely chopped celery
1/2 cup  finely chopped onion (which is approximately half of one yellow onion)
1/4 cup   chopped parsley; (if you are using dried parsley, a few teaspoons or pinches should suffice)
1                bay leaf, crushed; (crush it only if it’s fresh; otherwise use it and remember to remove it)
1/4  cup  butter
1/4 cup   flour
2 cups      light cream (Note: NOT half and half cream)


  1. Finely chop half of the mushrooms. Slice the other half.

    Preparing mushroom soup broth: Saute mushrooms in butter, add chicken broth, celery, onions, parsley and bay leaf.
  2. In a large skillet, saute the mushrooms in butter. Add chicken broth, celery, onion, parsley and bay leaf. Simmer for 20 minutes.
  3. A whisk will help you in stirring; make sure you gradually add flour and cream until dissolved

    In a saucepan, melt the remaining butter. Stir in flour; gradually add light cream. Cook over low heat, stirring until smooth and thick.

  4. Add sauce to mushroom mixture (from step 2). Cook while stirring until smooth and thick.
  5. Serve immediately or cool and freeze in 1 1/2 cup portions for use in recipes calling for a can of mushroom soup. (Canning jars would be good to have around the house.)

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