Everyone’s Ultimate Kitchen Dream

Happy Friday! I’m going to start a new Cynful Kitchen humo(u)r series for each last Friday of the month.

If you had a list of Must-Haves in your kitchen, what would yours be? I would love to read your Kitchen dream-list!

For me, this is my ultimate kitchen dream!

A self-cleaning kitchen. I even created a meme for it!

Self-Cleaning Kitchen
Then, I would spend more time writing and less time cleaning!
No, seriously. The only dishwasher I’ve got at home is myself. Correction, my two hands, with the occasional help from the sweet Mr. M. (We had to play rock, paper, scissors to see who got to do the dishes. I won! He’s got garbage duty instead.) I do, however, love feeling the warm suds and the cardio work-out I get from doing housework, but if there was a magic wand for cleaning, I’d use (or abuse) it. Scourgify!

There is one good reason why most food bloggers do mostly close-up shots… Like myself, I work with a small kitchen. Clutter is no stranger to us when we’re busy testing and charting our ratio of ingredients, trials and successes.

Should one of my goals this year, perhaps, is to try to keep a minimalist’s kitchen? (But who am I kidding?! With all the baking and cake/cookie decorating tools… if only there was a local library for specialty tools.)

Kitchen organization is a real struggle for many. Too many gadgets or too many cookbooks. I work in a small kitchen. #smallkitchenproblems would totally describe this post with great accuracy. I’ve purged often; 3 boxes of kitchen items were donated to Goodwill — yet, like Fred Penner described how the cat came back, the fancy gadgets and cupcake cookbooks keep coming back every Christmas.

Well, if anyone needs a rice cooker, I’m giving away the one that got featured in my Bruneian/Malaysian post. It most likely will end up going to charity; I might slip a recipe card in there, for fun… Maybe I will plan to make more use out of the (new but smaller) rice-cooker my mom bought me — other than its obvious purpose of cooking rice.

A self-cleaning kitchen… One can only (dare to) dream.

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