Green eggs, but NO ham

Succulent with tomatoes, indulged melted in swiss cheese; a cheesy texture holding a lot of vegetables!

Yes, I served green eggs but no ham for dinner. FIRST food blog entry and why not start somewhere simple such as an omelette? Camera angles, however, can be deceiving.

"Just another Omelette, really"
Some flipping talent is required to turn THIS into a two-egg omelette! Use two spatulas, if needed.

This vegetarian omelette, at first, was just like a crustless egg pizza — you’d want to add all the flavours you would like out of a meat dish, but omit the meat. Now, the best omelettes often have a bit of sour cream. If you are trying to be health conscious (like me), use 2 eggs or add more whites.

Now, before I reveal what this omelette is about, allow me to digress a little. The best recipes are the ones where you have room to improvise with. Cooking is an adventure — you would only get better at it, with practice. My grandma never measured whether she was baking or cooking; she grinded her own spices (from scratch) in a stone mortar and pestle for 3 hours, ending up with the most delicious curries and dishes that melt beautifully in your mouth…. It can be a nurturing domestic art, as long as food ethics and nutrition are taken into consideration. Being good in any form of art involves taking risks.

Green omelette being in love with cheese....Ingredients:
2 eggs
Green onion
Mushrooms (use shitake, if you’d prefer)
A tiny slab of Philadelphia’s cream cheese of your choice

Oregano leaves
Celery Seed

  1. Finely dice onions and season with pepper, a tiny pinch of salt and paprika.
  2. Season avocado with celery seed and oregano leaves. Mash and mix it with the onions.

  3. Add eggs and cream cheese; beat well. Add all vegetables.
  4. Pour omelette mixture onto slightly greased skillet/griddle. Add parsley. Grate cheese. Cover to let cheese melt. Make sure base is firm before flipping.

Voila! A ham-less omelette! My boyfriend could’ve sworn there was meat in it. First post on a cooking journey….. On the road to reducing meat and discovering affordable and healthy cooking! Dining in can be fun, especially when you’ve got some passion in how you prepare your meals. 🙂

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