Escaping Winter Wonderland

Few weeks ago, we had a MASSIVE snow dump. So, here is our Snow Queen: the crab-apple tree which bears delicious apples in the summer for pies and cakes.


So much for taking naps by the apple tree, eh?

This winter, we are escaping to my homeland. There will be more cooking and baking there, on top of devouring Seria’s famous noodle stalls. I am very much looking forward to it as spices will be fresh; bananas are yummier and cheaper ($.75 CAD for a huge bunch of bananas, the best kinds to make banana fritters). I shall be cooking with my mother and hopefully learn how to cook a duck! The only downside is alcohol is not available for sale anywhere.

With the 20kg baggage limit, I would have to try save as many draft recipes here as possible. I am DYING for a working oven. So, if there are any food projects you want me to attempt, email me at

Wish me luck working in my mother’s kitchen! I know I will be driving her absolutely crazy as we have different cooking approaches. 🙂

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