French Toast Waffles

Happy long weekend, fellow Canadians!

If you’ve got maple syrup, coffee, as well as eggs, milk, butter, bread and a waffle iron, enjoy staying in for breakfast. This is a great recipe to use up many slices of bread before it goes bad. The Joy of Cooking (1975 edition; 5th printing – Aug 1976) has never failed; I’ve made goose from that cookbook and it was so delicious that our new oven had a brief grease fire. (Goose flambe, anyone?) This recipe is hubby-approved. You can easily double/triple the batch if you’re feeding more than one person. Each batch is good for soaking two slices of bread.

French Toast Waffles
French Toast Waffles

French Toast Waffles (1 serving or two slices)
1 egg
1/4 cup lactose-free milk (or any milk substitute)
2 tbsp melted butter (I melted mine in the microwave)
1/8 tsp salt

Warm up your waffle iron. Whisk/beat french toast mixture.  Soak your sliced bread in the mixture. Cook until golden brown. You would have a crispy texture. It’s delicious with Summerland’s fruit syrups or with maple syrup.

It’s that simple. Enjoy!

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