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Ok, the real reason why I’m writing this entry is to let my readers know that I won’t be making anything for two weeks. I need to take a temporary hiatus to get ready for my upcoming trip to Brunei! Foodies won’t be disappointed with treasures and possibly recipes of food from Southeast Asia. It is very laid-back in Brunei — more time to cook and bake and entertain. My mother would have quite a nightmare since she would think I am trying to take over her kitchen!

I had received a request to write where to eat in Edmonton. I would try to compile a list without going into too much details. 🙂 It is better to try out recommended places and come to your own conclusions.

$$$ = Very expensive but totally worth it; $$ = average $12 to $15/person; $ = guiltlessly affordable

Tasty Tom’s on Whyte Ave ($$) – Service can be slow on weekends since only one server runs the entire place, but definitely try their tangy home-made ketchup. Great place for lunch/dinner as well.
Beijing Beijing on Calgary Trail
($$) – If you love Dim Sum, this is one of my mom’s favourite places to go. Ample parking. Best time to go is before 11 am.
Cora, Calgary Trail ($$) – 10 pages of breakfast menu! Many guiltess and healthy choices: huge portions of fresh fruits.
High Level Diner ($$) – they use fresh and organic ingredients bought locally!
Artisan Bakery on Whyte Ave (between $ and $$) – Let the smell of fresh bread entice  you! Also a great place for lunch under $10.00.
That Chicken Place, Telus Plaza in Downtown ($) – Who would’ve known that donair meat would go well in an omelette? Best hashbrowns, hands down!

Handy Bakery on 118th Avenue ($) – Portuguese bakery with the yummiest custard tarts, cream horn, and fresh bread! It is also a great place for lunch! Their vegetarian lasagna, which comes with caesar salad and garlic bread, is to die for — often gets sold out fast by 1 pm. Well, who needs diet or discipline, right? 😛
Empress Bakery on Whyte Ave ($)
Creme Puff in Telus Plaza ($) – Save your change buying treats from Starbucks or Second Cup. Their peanut butter marshmallow square is so heavenly, provided you aren’t allergic to nuts.

Italian – food, fine wine and romance
($ to $$; some featured items could be around $26) – Best tiramisu ever! Every thing is made fresh from scratch — great pasta menu!
Violino ($$) – You’d have to try their magheritta pizza!! They bake their pizzas in one of those traditional outdoor ovens. A divine place to hang out in the summer, out on the patio. You’d feel like you were in Italy or something.
Famoso ($?) – I haven’t been to this pizzeria yet but there are four locations in Edmonton; one in Calgary. Supposedly, they have Nutella gelato. It was highly recommended by a former classmate. Mm, must discover….
Ragazzi ($$) – they do have a menu online, but they do not deliver anymore. 🙁 Great pizza and great pasta selection! However, I always get their Linguine Alle Vongole.
Sicilian Pasta ($$) – a very well-known Italian restaurant in Edmonton

Wok King ($$) – My cousins and I would always have to ‘chopstick-wrestle’ for a piece of peaches and shrimp. Mm, great place for seafood. Their lobster and crab dishes are superb!
Noodle Maker
($) – Fresh ingredients and no MSG! They have a Facebook fan page. If you are a big ramen fan, be sure to check this cute little independent diner out! Noodle soups can be very comforting, especially during winter.
Spicy Kitchen 10346 University Avenue ($$) – Nothing can be more comforting and enjoyable with cooking and eating great food with great company. A great place for ‘hot pot’ and seafood.
Pagolac on 51 ave and 97 street ($$) – A great variety selection of food; they do have the best ginger beef/chicken.
Padmanadi on 97st, Chinatown ($$$) – Possibly the best vegetarian restaurant in town! It is a tiny restaurant, but the food is amazing!
Zen on 101 street downtown ($$) – “All you can eat” japanese buffet
Yokozuna ($$ to $$$) – their beef tataki is to die for! Delicious bento boxes… mmm.
($$$) – they are famous for their dragon-eye roll; delicious sauce!
Mt Fuji ($ to $$) – sort of like a Japanese cafeteria/restaurant setting. A great place for Japanese food when you are trying to watch your budget.
Japanese Village ($$$) – A great place for special occasions! Great food cooked skillfully and great dining experience.
Bulgogi House ($ to $$) – A very nice family owned Korean restaurant tucked away close to Faculté St Jean.
Korean Village ($$ to $$$) –
Korean grill and barbecue; they also have a buffet option ($20/person-ish)

The Creperie, 10220 103 Street ($$$) – Best crepes you could ever have in the city…. A very romantic setting for celebrating anniversaries.

The Blue Nile, 10875 98 Street ($$) – Awesome ethnic food; they also have a sheesha lounge in the basement. It is an adventurous foodie’s little treasure cove.

East Indian
Remedy Cafe on 109 street ($ to $$) – Best home-made chai latte ever! It is often frequented by U of A students since they do provide free wireless internet connection. Slayer dip is to die for. Cute selection of desserts.
, 10177 107 St ($$) – a very charming and exquisite authentic East Indian restaurant. Personally, I’d prefer this restaurant to New Asian Village.

Bauernschmaus, 10875 98 Street ($$ to $$$) – They do not take walk-ins; reservations only. Fine authentic German food, with many liquor choices available. It is a rarely advertised restaurant — it is the restaurant most Canadian Germans go to. If you do decide to pack your left-overs to go, it would be wrapped in a cute tin-foil swan.

Fish & Chips and seafood
Sir Winston ($ to $$) – Authentic English restaurant. Best place for Fish & Chips.
Billingsgate Lighthouse Cafe, 7331 104 Street ($$ to $$$) – A great place for lunch when you want to go buy fresh fish or seafood! Great selection of seafood menu…. Dinner can be expensive, but every thing is so delicious!!
Spice Kitchen (see Chinese section)

On an unrelated note, the best place for Pie and Ice-cream is in Nordegg, Alberta. If you drive towards Rocky Mountain House from Edmonton, you’d have to definitely make a pit stop at Miner’s Cafe. They are, however, only opened during summer. Mm, fresh coffee, pie and ice-cream.

Henceforth, that’s a quick list of eateries without having to go to the Taste of Edmonton. Happy discovering and bon appétit!

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  1. First and foremost, thank you for granting the request of one of your followers to come up with a review of the best restaurants in Edmonton. I am Calgary, and this writing is a big help for me as I’m not familiar with the place, so I don’t know where to find the best foods in the area. I love Italian food, so maybe on my next trip to Edmonton, I will try Rigoletto and Violino. Are they offering pizza and tacos too?

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